Life And Events In The Center

Life at the Steven Leyba Drug Addiction Treatment Center is constantly changing. We are ever moving and ever learning. We are here to help those who suffer from the disease of drug addiction. We want to stimulate the creative mind. That’s why we hold many basic events along with new and different styles. It’s important to help the community in any way we can. We are fans of an alternative way of thinking.

Of course, we have plenty of programs that focus on traditional methods. There is group therapy, individual therapy, and of course doctors available. We want to cover all our bases and make sure people have the help that they need.

Being creative and finding joy in that creativity can have a positive impact on your recovery.

Thursday Art Classes

Every Thursday at 5 pm we offer art classes. Sometimes they follow a pattern or video of Bob Ross, who is a hero of positive thinking. He treats each piece of art as something special. Bob Ross really makes you appreciate what you’re creating and he’s a fun way to follow.

We also have abstract sessions. Sometimes we tell everyone to come in their worst close and throw paint around. It can be very therapeutic.

Often we do still life as well. You can sketch or paint or whatever style interests you. It’s a chance to let loose and see what you’ve got inside your head. Every piece of art matters.

If you don’t feel like keeping the art, you can hang it in the art room or around the facility. We even have a wall of fame where people vote for the “best” art.

Weekend Music Jam Sessions

Again, we do more than just support and informational groups. We have random jam sessions. We like to time them differently every week and have people show up who can make it.

It can make for an exciting adventure that someone didn’t expect in their day. It also offers distraction and excuse to come to clear their mind. We have a few musical instruments on site that have been donated.

We love for people of all skill levels to come over and slam on those piano keys or slap a tambourine. Music opens up the door to the heart and the mind. It relaxes and rejuvenates.

Finding creative outlets can help distract people from urges to use. It can give a significant surge of energy that they may have been looking for.