How To Avoid Relapsing


Many former drug addicts live in fear of a relapse. Relapsing is when someone who quit using drugs or alcohol falls back to using it. Relapses can happen for many reasons, but it all boils down to drug addiction being a disease. Drug addiction alters your brain chemistry and forces your mind and body to depend on drugs. This can take a toll on you. It can feel like there is no way out. When you make the decision to quit using it can be hard following through. It is a long process to quit using drugs. It can involve medical help, other substances to help wean you, and physical hardship. Often it can be hard to find the support you need.

People can be recovered for years and then suddenly find themselves relapsing. This often due to feeling like they don’t have support. Or feeling like they don’t know how to handle life without drugs. Losing control is difficult.

Relapse Prevention

If you feel that you are close to relapsing then it is important to take steps to prevent it. Some of these steps may include hard decisions. You may have to reach out and ask for help. It’s possible you may need to just start from scratch at a rehab. It is important not to feel shame to get help. It is better or you to get help now than it is to do so after you’ve started using again.

Some methods that can help:

Changing Your Friends- Often the struggle to want to use can be sourced back to the friends you keep. If you have friends that don’t respect that you are clean, it can be hard. If friends ask you out to bards, keep offering you drugs, it can be hard to say no. It can feel awful if they make fun of you or suggest that you used to be fun.

Don’t Fall Back- Don’t take steps backward by visiting places you used to go when you were high. Don’t go to the old bars. Don’t walk around where you know your dealers hang out. Don’t be around people you used to know when you did drugs. You may have to change the way you walk around your life, but it is worth it.

Consider Sober Living- Some houses require you to be clean to live there. They take your paychecks and keep them for you, giving you an allowance. This helps you save money and teaches you responsibility. They take care of you when you might not be ready to.

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