Drugs And Creativity Truths And Myths

Creativity is sometimes thought to be the best part of humanity. It’s what makes the world go round. It’s what makes inventions and art and creates.


The best part of creativity is that ability to think outside of any box, to color outside the lines. Some people just don’t have that ability.

Drugs are often considered to be a gateway into the creative mind. Lots of people say that marijuana can open up the mind and make creativity come easier. Or that hallucinogens can really help someone see the world. That’s a bit of a hippy way of thinking, and it is not necessarily wrong. But drug use like that can always lead to drug addiction. It has often been a leading question to whether drug use can influence creativity. Studies have been done. Research has been noted.

These studies only show very limited effects. Drug use and creativity are not necessarily concurrent. Studies did show that people who use drugs tend to be those who are more creative to begin with. So it is definitely true that creative minds can be prone to drug use. But really, it’s probably not the fact that they are on drugs that make the creative mind feel fuller. It’s not necessarily the drugs reaction to the creative brain. It’s the creative brain doing its thing regardless. The creative just happens to attribute it to the drugs in their system.

Drugs can enhance experience. Drugs can change perceptions. These can definitely influence creativity that’s for sure. If you feel super effected by what is around you then you might think of things you have not before. But it doesn’t make your interpretations better. It just gives you different ones to consider.

It’s On You

For some people that are ordinarily not very creative drug use can seem to enhance their creativity. That means they might be more thoughtful or imaginative. But drugs enhancing skills that are already there just doesn’t seem to be the case.

Generally, drugs will just enhance certain personality traits and make them stronger. That doesn’t mean it can influence or control your artistic output. That is all you.

Trust in your brain and your talents. Don’t give drugs credit for what your already amazing mind can do. If you think you need drugs to be creative, you can end up doing more damage than good.