About Founder


Our founder is Steven Leyba, a well-known artist. He loves to do mixed media art. Mixed media is blending many different art formats together. He tends to do photography, acrylic paint, beadwork, and collages.


Steven Leyba has three albums out of spoken-word. Ritual is a huge part of his art and presentation of his art. That is why he has spoken word albums and such mixed art. Leyba has handmade fourteen different books and they are a sight to behold.

Steven Leyba has always made art by pushing boundaries. He believes that pushing people beyond what they’re comfortable with is a great duty of art. Art should make people feel and that is the artist’s job.

That is why he began the center for drug addiction treatment. He wanted to give back to people one of the best ways he could know how. Through art.

People have always thought there was a correspondence between the creative mind and drug addiction. Though that is not necessarily so, it is true that those who create are more likely to fall prey to drug addiction.

Because of this, Leyba wanted to offer alternatives to regular care. Of course, there is medical staff and patients go through detoxing and important treatments. But he gives back by helping run creative programs meant to help people find themselves.

An expression can be a difficult thing to manage. Especially if you have found your life taken over by drugs. Implementing art therapy and musical jam sessions have really impacted the community positively.

It not only gives people a reason to come together it helps them realize that they can create.

Creating is a great distraction and wonderful in general. Leyba used his extensive knowledge and artistic background to design programs to best assist those in need.