Mind, Body, Soul

At the Steven Leyba Drug Addiction Treatment Center, we are here to provide care and help. We strive to give creative outlets to those in recovery.


Creativity is sometimes thought to be the best part of humanity. It’s what makes the world go round. It’s what makes inventions and art and creates.

Recovery is about progression not perfection

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Our founder is Steven Leyba, a well-known artist. He loves to do mixed media art. Mixed media is blending many different art formats together. He tends to do photography, acrylic paint, beadwork, and collages.

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Thursday Art Classes

Every Thursday at 5 pm we offer art classes. Sometimes they follow a pattern or video of Bob Ross, who is a hero of positive thinking. He treats each piece of art as something special. Bob Ross really makes you appreciate what you’re creating and he’s a fun way to follow.


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